ENGYS releases HELYX® v2.0.0

ENGYS is proud to announce the release v2.0.0 of HELYX®, a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics software solution for engineering design and optimisation based around the open-source library OPENFOAM®. The software combines the best of both worlds: the proven capabilities, support and reliability of commercial tools with the inherent advantages of cost-effective, scalable open-source solutions.


HELYX® v2.0.0 represents a major step forward with respect to previous versions of the code, incorporating a vast number of improvements and additions which include:

  • Support for both Linux and Windows
  • New GUI framework for improved ease-of-use
  • Mesh module:
    • Fully-automatic hex-dominant parallel meshing
    • Batch meshing
    • STL transformations
    • Added support for new primitive objects (including plane and ring)
    • Import/Merge meshes form 3rd party tools (Fluent, PointWise, OpenFOAM)
    • Check mesh quality
    • Advanced options panel for added functionality 
    • Multi-region meshing
    • Surface wrapper
  • Case Setup module:
    • Case definition control for incompressible/compressible turbulent flows
    • Added support for thermal options (including radiation) and scalar transport
    • Added support for VOF and dynamic rotating meshes
    • New Cyclic AMI boundary conditions
    • Solution monitoring functions
    • New fields initialisation (including potential flow, Prandtl, cellSet, etc.)
    • Case decomposition for parallel runs
  • New Solver module:
    • Residuals plotting
    • Monitoring functions plotting
    • Runtime controls modification during the run
    • Run All function (=Mesh+Setup Case+Initialise Fields+Run Solver)
    • Direct export to ParaView and FieldView
  • New command line options 
  • New plane widget (Slice/Clip) and ruler widget
  • New solution fields viewer in the 3D viewport
  • New tutorial cases and improved documentation, all accessible via the Help menu in the GUI.

For further information about HELYX® features and availability please visit our dedicated HELYX webpage.


About ENGYS (www.engys.com):

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class CAE software solutions based on open source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused around the OPENFOAM® library for CFD and DAKOTA for MDO. ENGYS involvement with FOAM and OPENFOAM® dates back to 1999, providing unparalleled knowledge and experience in the development, integration and application of this tool to deliver open-source based CFD solutions worldwide. The company operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, USA and Australia, and local distributors in Japan and Benelux.