HELYX is a comprehensive general purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package for engineering analysis and design optimisation of enterprise applications, based on ENGYS' own open-source CFD simulation engine.

We take advantage of our extensive experience developing and exploiting open-source CFD solutions to offer a unique product that combines the best of two worlds: the proven capabilities, support and reliability of commercial tools with the inherent advantages of cost-effective, scalable open-source software.


HELYX is a unified, off-the-shelf CFD software product compatible with most Linux and Windows platforms, including high-performance computing systems. In addition to the base software components delivered for installation (HELYX-GUI and HELYX-Core), the package also incorporates an extensive set of ancillary services to facilitate the deployment and usage of the software in any working environment.

HELYX features an advanced hex-dominant automatic mesh algorithm with polyhedra support which can run in parallel to generate large computational grids. The solver technology is based on the standard finite-volume approach, covering a wide range of physical models: single- and multi-phase turbulent flows (RANS, URANS, DES, LES), thermal flows with natural/forced convection, thermal/solar radiation, incompressible and compressible flow solutions, etc. In addition to these, we have developed a Generalised Internal Boundaries (GIB) method to support complex boundary motions inside the finite-volume mesh. The standard capabilities of HELYX can also be expanded with the HELYX-ADD-ONS extension modules to cover more specialised applications.

The following components are delivered with HELYX as standard:

HELYX-GUI: our easy-to-use Graphical User Interface with client-server support for remote and cloud-based operation.
HELYX-Core: our very own advanced open-source CFD simulation engine developed using the OpenFOAM libraries and other open-source technologies.
User Support: our first-class help line to cover all technical questions and application queries related to HELYX.
Code Maintenance: regular software updates and upgrades delivered by ENGYS to enhance both HELYX-GUI and HELYX-Core.
Documentation: comprehensive written user's guide, tutorials guide, installation instructions and release notes to aid the user with HELYX.


Why Choose HELYX?

Comprehensive CFD solution, capable of tackling the most complex flow problems with our advanced automatic meshing utility and our wide range of robust, accurate and fully-validated solvers.

Cost-effective, pay only for the number of users that you need, and stop paying for the number of solvers or processors that you can use.

Highly scalable, free yourself from HPC license restrictions and make the most of your hardware resources with our open-source software.

Easy to use and learn with our dedicated Graphical User Interface.

Supported in Windows and Linux, including client-server connections across mixed platforms.

Cloud ready, with a unique client-server architecture to handle remote connections to in-house hardware resources, as well as on-demand HPC services.

Best-in-class user support to help you solve your problems using HELYX to its maximum potential.

Developed and maintained by experts working with FOAM / OpenFOAM since 1999.

Flexible and customisable, thanks to our open-source simulation engine HELYX-Core, released under the GNU GPL.

Modular and extendable with HELYX ADD-ONS, for specialised solver applications and design optimisation.


Discover the full capabilities of HELYX


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