Engys launches Helyx v1.0.0-RC1


Following the launch of Helyx-OS back in June 2012, Engys is delighted to announce the release of HELYX v1.0.0-RC1, a GUI specifically designed to work with Engys own enhanced release of the Open Source software OPENFOAM®. The GUI is delivered as part of our more advanced CFD user support package also called HELYX. 


Francisco Campos, Operations Manager at Engys, delivered the following statement:

"With HELYX we take another step forward on our ongoing strategy of bringing Open Source CAE solutions closer to industry accepted standards. We now offer a full CFD solution comparable to the main commercial CFD tools available in the market place but at a fraction of the cost..."


The launch of HELYX also coincides with the formal release of Helyx-OS v1.0.0, which has been upgraded from Beta status to officially released.


For further information about HELYX features and availability please visit our dedicated HELYX webpage.


For further information about downloading Helyx-OS please visit our dedicated Helyx-OS webpage.


None of the OPENFOAM® related products and services offered by Engys are approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Ltd. (ESI Group), producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.

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