ENGYS releases HELYX and ELEMENTS v4.0.1

ENGYS is thrilled to announce the release of HELYX and ELEMENTS 4.0.1. These cutting-edge software updates mark a significant milestone in the company's commitment to delivering open-source CFD solutions to its global stakeholders.

HELYX and ELEMENTS take a leap forward with the introduction of version 4.0.1. This patch release includes a series of substantial enhancements, addressing known issues from the previous version. The comprehensive improvements cover the graphical user interface (GUI), meshing capabilities, setup utilities, flow solvers and documentation. Users can now benefit from a more seamless experience, tackling complex CFD challenges with increased efficiency and accuracy.

To access HELYX and ELEMENTS 4.0.1, users can log in to the ENGYS Customer Portal and navigate to the Downloads section. The latest installation files are available for both Linux and Windows operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

ENGYS encourages any users who have not yet experienced the power of HELYX and ELEMENTS to schedule a live demonstration and discover firsthand the capabilities that have made these CFD software solutions the first choice of many industries, leading automotive OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and F1 teams.

ENGYS remains committed to empowering engineering professionals worldwide with advanced, open-source CFD solutions that drive innovation and unlock new possibilities. This release of HELYX and ELEMENTS 4.0.1 underscores the company's dedication to continuous improvement and delivering unmatched value to its clients.


About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class, enterprise CFD software solutions based around open-source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused on CFD and design optimisation. The company's main software products include HELYX, ELEMENTS, HELYX-OS and several specialised add-on modules for adjoint based optimisation and advanced flow simulations. ENGYS operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, USA, Australia and South Africa, in addition to local distributors and agents in Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Spain and France. ENGYS® and HELYX® are registered trademarks of ENGYS Ltd.

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