ENGYS releases HELYX v3.4.0 - Open-source CFD for Enterprise

ENGYS is delighted to announce the release 3.4.0 of HELYX, a general-purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software solution for engineering design and optimisation based on ENGYS' own open-source simulation engine (HELYX-Core). The new release also includes updates for all of HELYX's add-on solver modules, namely: Adjoint, Coupled, Marine and Hydro.

HELYX 3.4.0 offers a wide range of extended capabilities and code refinements to remove known issues found in the previous release 3.3.2. Some of the new exciting features added in this version include:

  • Mesh: New interactive histogram to display mesh quality metrics in the GUI.
  • Mesh: Improved feature edge snapping for modelling low y+ scenarios with near-wall layers.
  • Mesh: Improved accuracy and reduced turnaround times for mesh optimisation during the layer addition stage.
  • Setup: Added support for multi-body rigid motion and thermal solvers for Generalised Internal Boundaries (GIBs).
  • Setup: New boundary conditions, including a new synthetic turbulence generator based on the Turbulent Spot Method with Anisotropic Vorton (ATSM) and a new Delaunay triangulation method for time-varying point data at inlets.
  • Setup: Added support for new ω-equation based transition and SST curvature correction turbulence models.
  • Setup: New and improved thermal comfort outputs based on ISO7243 and ISO7730.
  • Solver: Added support for single-phase, compressible flows in the Unified Solver Framework (USF) via the GUI.
  • Solver: Improved USF implementation for single-phase, compressible, buoyancy driven flows.
  • Solver: New multi-species, drift-flux solver for modelling settling of solid particles or gas bubbles in liquids.
  • View: Upgraded graphic libraries in the GUI for improved local and remote image rendering.
  • View: Improved GPU-based rendering performed at client side for remote client-server GUI connections.
  • View: New export of display scenes and view objects to 3D formats such a X3D, PLY and VT.
  • HELYX-Adjoint: New enhanced symmetry of adjoint sensitivities around a user-defined plane.
  • HELYX-Adjoint: Improved convergence of adjoint sensitivities for topology optimisation.
  • HELYX-Coupled: New block-coupled adjoint implementation for massive speed up of sensitivity calculations w.r.t. standard adjoint solver segregated approach.
  • HELYX-Marine: New validated calm-water prediction method for both displacement and planning hulls using Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR).

Please refer to our HELYX 3.4.0 Release Highlights Video for a detailed description of the main new features and enhancements in this new version.

If you are not a user of HELYX already, check out the HELYX product page to learn more about our software or contact ENGYS for further information and/or scheduling a live demo.


About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class, enterprise CFD software solutions based around open-source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused on CFD and design optimisation. The company's main software products include HELYX, ELEMENTS, HELYX-OS and several specialised add-on modules for adjoint based optimisation and advanced flow simulations. ENGYS operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, USA, Australia and South Africa, in addition to local distributors and agents in Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Spain and France. ENGYS® and HELYX® are registered trademarks of ENGYS Ltd.

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