HELYX-OS v2.3.0 released by ENGYS®. An open-source GUI for OPENFOAM®.

The new release of ENGYS’ Open-Source graphical user interface, HELYX-OS v2.3.0, provides both new and experienced users a fast and efficient interface to use OpenFOAM technology.  The new release supports standard OpenFOAM® v2.4.0 and improves visualization capabilities and interaction with objects in the 3D viewer.  In addition to the new OpenFOAM core compatibility and 3D visualization, HELYX-OS now supports:


  • A new text interface for blockMeshDict to allow for user-created blockMeshDict files
  • A new user-defined mesh graphical widget for easier creation of base meshes by automatically scaling the bounding box to the geometry with a click of a button
  • A new graphical tool for extraction of feature refinement lines (eMesh files) in the GUI to enable improved snapping in standard snappyHexMesh
  • A new “custom interface” for user-defined editing and addition of dictionary files and fields to allow entry of custom dictionary entries and boundary conditions not presently supported in HELYX-OS


For a Linux version of the HELYX-OS GUI, please visit the SourceForge project. ENGYS offers a Microsoft Windows version of both OpenFOAM® v2.4.0 and HELYX-OS to support customers only. All bug reports and feature requests are collected directly at the SourceForge project. For more information on a professional support package and training for OpenFOAM technology, visit our HELYX site .    

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