ENGYS releases HELYX® v2.3.0


ENGYS is delighted to announce the release v2.3.0 of HELYX, a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics software solution for engineering design and optimisation based around our own advanced open-source simulation engine.


HELYX v2.3.0 incorporates several new features, improvements and bug fixes with respect to v2.2.0, including an updated version of HELYX-Core v2.2-2.2 (ENGYS' own enhanced open-source simulation engine based on the OpenFOAM® v2.2 library). Other improvements in this release include, but are not limited to:

  • Added support for local-time stepping (LTS) VOF solver
  • Added support for improved VOF solver formulation with a semi-implicit variant of MULES
  • Added support for the enhanced VOF solver add-on module HELYX-Hydro
  • Added support for the incompressible block solver add-on module HELYX-Coupled
  • Added support for the specialised add-on package HELYX-EcoMarine for ship hull design applications
  • Added Run Mode interface in HELYX-GUI to enable remote executions in HPC cluster environments
  • Enhanced geometry manipulation tool in HELYX-GUI with Boolean operations
  • Enhanced check mesh capabilities with complete visualisation of quality metrics in HELYX-GUI
  • Added new feature edge extraction and visualisation tool in HELYX-GUI
  • Added new monitoring functions and field manipulation tools for turbomachinery applications
  • Up-to-date documentation, all accessible via the Help menu in the GUI

The latest documentation, release notes and installation files for both Linux and Windows are available for download from the ENGYS' secure customer portal.


For further information about HELYX features and availability please visit our dedicated HELYX webpage.


About ENGYS (www.engys.com):

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class CAE software solutions based on open-source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused around the OpenFOAM® library for CFD and DAKOTA for MDO. ENGYS involvement with FOAM and OPENFOAM® dates back to 1999, providing unparalleled knowledge and experience in the development, integration and application of this tool to deliver open-source based CFD solutions worldwide. The company operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, USA and Australia, and local distributors in Japan, South Korea, China, USA and Benelux. ENGYS®  and HELYX® are registered trademarks of ENGYS Ltd.


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