HPC on Demand

ENGYS offers a competitive “pay-as-you-go” service for users of HELYX, ELEMENTS and HELYX-OS (OpenFOAM) to access cloud-based and bare-metal high-performance computing (HPC) resources on demand. This service is ideal for anyone who requires additional computer power or spare capacity to execute CFD simulations.

We rely on a selected group of specialised HPC providers around the world to deliver a robust, easy-to-use service to run our open-source CFD utilities and solvers. Our current HPC partners include:

OCF enCORE: provides on-demand access to IBM iDataPlex and NeXtScale HPC clusters with InfiniBand hosted by the Hartree Centre in the UK.
EPCC: provides on-demand access to Cirrus, an SGI ICE XA cluster with Infiniband housed at EPCC’s Advanced Computing Facility in the UK.
Parallel Works: provides on-demand access to high performance computing resources in the cloud for compute-intensive simulations, modeling and data analytics.
Rescale: provides turnkey on-demand access to cloud-based computing resources and pre-installed software through the ScaleX® Platform.

In order to facilitate access to our on-demand HPC service, all our on-demand computing facilities will be made available as server connections in HELYX to enable remote interactive sessions using the client-server framework available in our GUI.



Please contact us today to discuss your requirements for on-demand computing and get a quote from one of our HPC experts.

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