ENGYS offers a specialised software development service to implement and deploy custom CFD methods using open-source technologies. Our preferred development platform for CFD software applications is OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation And Manipulation), an open-source library featuring a collection of discrete CFD solvers and utilities to handle different types of fluid flow and heat transfer problems.

We have a long proven track record of success developing CFD methods and applications in a variety of fields, including: automatic volume meshing, solvers and solution algorithms, continous adjoint optimisation methods, coupling to third-party tools, setup and initialisation tools, physical models and numerical algorithms, specialised post-processing and graphical user interfaces.

New Generalized Internal Boundary (GIB) method developed by ENGYS. Valve simulation with kind permission of Thomas Magnete GmbH.


Our developers have been working with FOAM/OpenFOAM technologies since 1999, implementing a vast number of CFD methods and tools for industrial use over the years. We have taken full advantage of this unique position in the market to introduce new and improved methods in OpenFOAM and enhance its existing capabilities to produce HELYX-Core, our own enterprise-class open-source CFD simulation engine.

The open-source nature of the CFD utilities and solvers developed by ENGYS and delivered with our software products provide the perfect platform for implementing your own custom methods using our base code. The extensive experience of our programmers and engineers with OpenFOAM also means that ENGYS can provide the knowledge and coding expertise required to deliver the best solution for your software development needs.


Need Help?

If you are looking to develop and/or implement your own CFD methods, contact ENGYS for a free initial consultation with one of our software developers and receive a competitive fixed quote without obligation.

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