ENGYS has extensive experience in planning, managing and delivering CFD consultancy projects focused on engineering design and optimisation. We have succesfully completed hundreds of projects over the years for several customers in a wide range of industries, including: automotive, marine, built environments, turbomachinery, hydraulics, aerospace, power generation and process engineering, among others. We have also participated in several EU and goverment funded R&D projects related to automotive, aerospace, marine and nuclear power.

Whether you are a SME or a large enterprise, at ENGYS we take full advantage of our own open-source CFD products, combined with other open-source technologies and well-know commercial CAE software tools, to deliver the most cost-effective design solution.

Our Promise

At ENGYS we follow a strict procedure to deliver all our consultancy projects in time and within budget:

Initial consulation: we discuss with you the general requirements of your project to understand the inputs and objectives of the work.
Data input: we revise all the data provided to understand the problem and identify potential issues.
Model definition: we identify the best modelling approach to solve the problem based on the initial consultation and data input.
Data analysis: we employ all the software tools at our disposal to define the models and achieve a suitable solution.
Reporting: we report all our results back to you with recommendations to improve your design.

At all stages of the process we maintain a direct line of communication with you to keep you informed of the overall progress.


CFD Analysis

At ENGYS we combine the features available in HELYX, ELEMENTS and HELYX ADD-ONS to deliver a comprehensive CFD consultancy service. Our engineers can analyse the fluid dynamics performance of your specific system, or optimise your design using the shape and topology optimisation tools available in our continous adjoint CFD solver. We are also highly proficient in the use of many complementary CAE tools, which we can couple to our numerical simulation products as required to provide accurate and meaningful solutions to your multi-physics design problems.

Design Optimisation

ENGYS has employed the open-source tool DAKOTA to complete a large number of multi-disciplinary design optimisation (MDO) studies. When used in combination with HELYX and other CAE tools, our engineers can apply various design of experiments, response surface methods and optimisation algorithms to create complex automated simulation processes to perform geometry based parametric optimisation using native CAD systems or surface/mesh morphing. The MDO tools in DAKOTA have also been employed by ENGYS to carry out uncertainty quantification analysis, model calibration, sensitivity analysis, data mining and multivariate analysis.

Need Help?

Contact ENGYS for a free initial consultation with one of our engineers and receive a competitive fixed quote without obligation. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about how we can help, browse our Applications section to find more relevant examples of our work.

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