Adjoint CFD Services

Adjoint CFD optimisation solver development and engineering design consultancy.

Engys’ Adjoint CFD optimisation service was created to take advantage of the continuous adjoint CFD solver implemented by our expert developers using OPENFOAM® technology. Our offerings cover two main subjects:


  • Technical support and solver development advice for the adjoint CFD framework
  • Engineering design consultancy for topology and shape optimisation

Our adjoint CFD methods have been successfully employed to optimise a variety of engineering designs based on the following set of objective functions:


  • Aerodynamic force (e.g. drag, lift)
  • Pressure drop / energy loss
  • Flow uniformity on a sub-volume or boundary
  • Mass flow split between sub-volumes or different boundaries
  • Swirl flow on a sub-volume

Visit our Applications section for some examples of our adjoint CFD optimisation work, or contact us for a free no obligation quote from one of our experts.

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