AI-Accelerated Engineering for CFD Design


NAVPACK is your gateway to cutting-edge engineering innovation. It's an AI-powered solution meticulously crafted to redefine your engineering workflows. NAVPACK empowers you to:

  • Uncover inventive design breakthroughs
  • Accelerate your time to market
  • Unlock unlimited design iterations

What NAVPACK Offers

NAVPACK brings AI to engineering, revolutionizing development processes by providing results in seconds. Traditional design cycles, dominated by simulation time, are reduced by over 50% with NAVPACK's AI-accelerated design cycle, enabling real-time exploration of design space.

  • Real-Time Design: NAVPACK adds value by allowing engineers to explore new designs in real-time, run design optimization within minutes, cut time for new solutions from hours or days to seconds, and turn dormant data into active organizational knowledge.
  • Unlimited Iterations: Test and refine without simulation constraints.
  • AI Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI into your engineering workflows.
  • Powerful Post-Processing: Fully utilize ParaView┬« and Blender┬« for visualization.
  • Practical Solutions: NAVPACK is designed to solve real engineering challenges.
  • API Solutions for Highest Flexibility: NAVPACK offers a high-level Python API for seamless integration into existing CAx environments. The software provides a flexible data interface to read training data, supports various machine/deep learning models, and includes automated model architecture tuning and hyperparameter optimization.

Want to Buy?

If you want to learn more about NAVPACK, please Contact Us and one of our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a demonstration and discuss the software's current capabilities, availability, and costs.

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