Extension Modules and
CFD Solvers


ENGYS provides a series of specialised extension modules and state-of-the-art add-on solvers to expand the capabilities of HELYX and ELEMENTS. The HELYX ADD-ONS cover adjoint optimisation, hydrodynamics analysis for marine applications, block-coupled incompressible flow solvers, advanced two-phase (VOF) flows and CAD conversion from ANSYS SpaceClaim.

Browse the categories in the HELYX ADD-ONS section to find out more about each module and how you could use them to improve your design process.



Continous Adjoint Optimisation Solver

Continuous adjoint CFD solver for topology and shape optimisation of complex engineering designs, including internal and external flow applications. Available for HELYX and ELEMENTS.


Ship Hull Hydrodynamics Solver

Dedicated CFD solver for hydrodynamic analysis and design optimisation of naval and maritime applications, including calm-water ship hull resistance calculations and seakeeping analysis. Available for HELYX only.


Advanced Block-coupled Solver

Block-coupled, implicit, CFD solver suite for single-phase, incompressible and compressible flow applications in the sub-sonic, transonic and supersonic regimes. Available for HELYX and ELEMENTS.


Advanced VOF Two-phase Flow Solver

Specialised two-phase VOF type solver for free surface flows with extended thermal capabilities and improved numerics for interface capturing. Available for HELYX only.


HELYX add-on for ANSYS SpaceClaim

Export CAD data directly from ANSYS SpaceClaim to HELYX using the tools provided in the HELYX add-on for SpaceClaim.

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