HELYX-OS v2.0.0 released by ENGYS. An open-source GUI for OPENFOAM®.

ENGYS is delighted to announce the release v2.0.0 of HELYX-OS, an open-source graphical user interface designed to work with the current version of OPENFOAM v2.2.x. The GUI is free to download from sourceforge and is delivered to the public under the GNU General Public License.
To coincide with this software release, the 2-days training course "OPENFOAM® and HELYX-OS for Industrial Applications" will be presented on the 6th and 7th of February 2014 by Dynaflow Research Group in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. For more information about the training costs and registration details follow this link: http://www.dynaflow.com/en_GB/training-details/training/32-openfoam-and-helyx-os-for-industial-cfd-applications.html
HELYX-OS v2.0.0 incorporates a vast number of improvements and additions with respect to previous versions of the GUI, including the following new features:
  • General: new installation script for easy deployment

  • General: new tree and look and feel

  • General: new Save As case option

  • General: new terminal window

  • General: new Browse case functionality

  • General: improved 3D capabilities

  • General: new zoom to box option

  • Mesh: re-mesh of existing case

  • Mesh: check mesh control

  • Mesh: Advanced Option panel, including general, geometry, snapping, layers and quality mesh controls for snappyHexMesh

  • Mesh: visualisation of discretisation elements for user-defined bounding box

  • Mesh: addition of plane primitive shape

  • Case Setup & Run: support for Volume of Fluid (VOF) solvers

  • Case Setup & Run: support for cyclic AMI boundary condition type

  • Case Setup & Run: new fields initialisation methods, including cellSet

  • Case Setup & Run: case decomposition (hierarchical and scotch) functionality

  • Case Setup & Run: direct link to ParaView for post-processing of results

For further information about HELYX-OS features, available support packages and download please visit http://engys.com/products/helyx-os


About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class CAE software solutions based on open source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused around the OPENFOAM® library for CFD and DAKOTA for MDO. ENGYS involvement with FOAM and OPENFOAM® dates back to 1999, providing unparalleled knowledge and experience in the development, integration and application of this tool to deliver open-source based CFD solutions worldwide. The company operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, USA and Australia, and local distributors in Japan and Benelux.


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