ENGYS® Releases HELYX® Version 4.1.1

ENGYS is pleased to announce the release of HELYX® version 4.1.1, along with updates to all HELYX add-ons.

HELYX 4.1.1 is focused on bug fixes and code refinements to address known issues found in the previous version 4.1.0. For more information, users should refer to the Release Notes provided with the software.

To access the latest release, please log in to the ENGYS Customer Portal and navigate to the Downloads section to access the latest installation files for Linux and Windows.

For those not currently using HELYX or wanting to explore the features of this new version in more detail, visit the HELYX product page or contact ENGYS to schedule a live demo.



About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class, enterprise CFD software solutions based around open-source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused on CFD and design optimisation. The company's main software products include HELYX and ELEMENTS, and several specialised add-on modules for adjoint based optimisation and advanced flow simulations. ENGYS operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, USA, Brazil, Australia and South Africa, in addition to local distributors and agents in Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Spain and France. ENGYS® and HELYX® are registered trademarks of ENGYS Ltd.

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