ENGYS® Releases HELYX® Version 4.1.0

ENGYS is proud to announce the release of HELYX version 4.1.0. This latest version of their general-purpose CFD software reaffirms ENGYS' commitment to delivering cutting-edge open-source simulation tools and empowering engineers worldwide to tackle complex fluid dynamics challenges with confidence.


HELYX version 4.1.0


What's New in HELYX 4.1.0:

HELYX 4.1.0 features several new capabilities and improvements, including:

  • Create Charts Functionality: HELYX now offers the ability to create fully customisable XY scatter and Histogram plots as view objects. Users can utilise monitoring functions and .csv files as sources for these plots. Additionally, several tutorials now include Charts for reference.
  • Multi-Display Functionality: multi-display functionality has been introduced to enable users to create and tile multiple displays within the 3D viewport. These displays can also be detached as separate windows, providing a tailored and efficient workflow.
  • Multiple Camera Views: users can now define new camera views for each scene and customise properties, or leverage a view from the viewport to overwrite camera settings in a scene. This feature is particularly useful for viewing a single scene from multiple angles.
  • HELYX-Marine Features: the transient skaEcomarine solver and corresponding solution state are now seamlessly supported in HELYX GUI with appropriate defaults. Additionally, the steady-state cwrEcomarine multiphase solver has been renamed from Marine to LFS (Marine). The Waves panel now includes an Elevation versus x/Lpp chart for Wave Types of First Order and Fifth Order.


Accessing HELYX 4.1.0:

Existing users can access the latest version of HELYX by logging in to the ENGYS Customer Portal and navigating to the Downloads section. Installation files are available for both Linux and Windows operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Anyone else who have not yet experienced the power of HELYX can contact ENGYS to schedule a live demonstration to learn more about the main features and benefits of open-source CFD software.


Explore HELYX 4.1.0 at ENGYS UGM 2023:

Learn more about HELYX 4.1.0 at the upcoming ENGYS User Group Meeting (UGM) in Frankfurt, Germany, from 23rd to 25th October 2023. Join ENGYS for a full-day HELYX workshop session, along with two days packed with presentations, insights, and networking with industry experts. Registrations are free and can be completed on the ENGYS UGM’s website.


About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports and delivers best-in-class, enterprise CFD software solutions based around open-source technologies, offering a variety of expert products and services focused on CFD and design optimisation. The company's main software products include HELYX and ELEMENTS, and several specialised add-on modules for adjoint based optimisation and advanced flow simulations. ENGYS operates globally through a network of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, USA, Brazil, Australia and South Africa, in addition to local distributors and agents in Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Spain and France. ENGYS® and HELYX® are registered trademarks of ENGYS Ltd.

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