Streamline Solutions launches ELEMENTS v3.3.2 for Automotive CFD Design

ENGYS is pleased to announce the new release of ELEMENTS 3.3.2, an open-source based CFD software suite for vehicle design applications produced by Streamline Solutions LLC. This release also includes new versions of the add-on modules ELEMENTS-Adjoint and ELEMENTS-Coupled.

ELEMENTS combines two simulation environments in one package: a dedicated virtual wind tunnel wizard for modelling external vehicle aerodynamics, and a general purpose CFD interface for solving other vehicle design applications (e.g. UHMT, HVAC, in-cabin flows, aeroacoustics, etc). The default methodology and best practices for external vehicle aerodynamics provided with this version of ELEMENTS have been widely tested and validated to conform to the latest regulations on alternative drag prediction methods proposed as part of the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP).

ELEMENTS 3.3.2 is mainly focused on bug fixes and code refinements to remove known issues found in the previous release 3.3.1. The fixes cover all aspects of the software, including the GUI, meshing tools, setup utilities, flow solvers and documentation. A complete list of changes and additions in this new version of ELEMENTS is provided as part of the Release Notes delivered with the software.

To learn more about ELEMENTS, please visit our website or contact ENGYS to schedule a demonstration of the software and discover several success stories from automotive OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and motorsport teams who are already benefiting from using our products.


About Streamline Solutions:

Streamline Solutions LLC, a joint venture formed between ENGYS and Auto Research Center, was founded in the USA in early 2012 to serve the vehicle design software market, covering automotive, motorsports, commercial and military applications. The company develops and promotes the software ELEMENTS, a CFD analysis and vehicle design optimisation suite powered by open-source solver technologies developed by ENGYS as part of HELYX. Streamline Solutions combines ENGYS’ leading-edge software development and support, a long and reputable participation in the open-source software business, with ARC’s proven vehicle design expertise and world leading wind tunnel and experimental facilities for validation purposes.

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