HELYX® and ELEMENTS Showcased at Multiple Events Worldwide During October 2016

ENGYS attended multiple events worldwide during the past month, acting as both sponsors and presenters to showcase the enterprise-class open-source based CFD products HELYX and ELEMENTS.

The 4th OpenFOAM User Conference 2016, organised by ESI-OpenCFD, was held between the 11th and 13th of October in Cologne, Germany. ENGYS participated in and sponsored the conference for the fourth year in a row. The event covered presentations and discussions over two days on various topics related to the OpenFOAM® CFD library, attracting more than 140 engineers and scientists from industry and academia, including a keynote lecture by Prof. Brian Spalding.

The VINAS User Conference 2016 was held between the 13th and 14th of October at the Tokyo Conference Centre Shinagawa and was attended by engineers and scientists from major companies in Japan. ENGYS delivered talks on the latest developments and user applications in HELYX. In addition, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Chiyoda Corporation also delivered presentations highlighting their CFD work with HELYX on “Fluid Analyses of Ships” and “Advancements on Plant Engineering”, respectively. VINAS, the main organisers of this event, are official resellers of HELYX in Japan since 2013.

The ANCOLD/NZSOLD 2016 Conference is an important and popular meeting place for professionals working in the dam industry in Australasia. ENGYS sponsored this event held between the 18th and 19th of October in Adelaide, Australia. During both days, ENGYS showed multiple demonstrations of HELYX to highlight the many benefits of the software in the context of multi-phase flow simulations applied to the design of dams and other hydraulic structures.

Lastly, Dr. Eugene de Villiers - Managing Director of ENGYS Ltd. - delivered a keynote lecture at the Adjungierte CFD-Methoden (Adjoint CFD Methods) in industrieller Anwendung und Forschung organised by NAFEMS and held between the 24th and 25th of October in Wiesbaden, Germany. The lecture was focused on the Practical Continuous Adjoint Optimisation Framework offered by ENGYS as part of the HELYX and ELEMENTS products. The event attracted many experts in adjoint CFD from Germany and Europe, all working in state-of-the-art methods for adjoint based design optimisation.

ENGYS continuous to expand its global presence through local offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, USA and RSA, as well as a well-established network of resellers in Japan, South Korea, China, Benelux and USA.

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