ENGYS sponsors the 3rd OpenFOAM User Conference 2015 in Stuttgart

The 3rd OpenFOAM User Conference 2015 organised by ESI Group was held between the 19th and 21st of October in Stuttgart, Germany. ENGYS attended the conference for a third year in a row, participating as sponsors over two days of presentations and discussions on various topics related to the OpenFOAM® CFD library. The event attracted more than 160 engineers and scientists, both from industry and academia.
ENGYS' personnel have been active members of the OpenFOAM® community since the project was originally launched back in 2004. However, ENGYS' experience with OpenFOAM® dates back to 1999 with the development of FOAM at Imperial College and Nabla Ltd. and the early involvement of Dr. Eugene de Villiers (Managing Director of ENGYS Ltd). The company has made extensive modifications and enhancements to the OpenFOAM® library with the aim of delivering a comprehensive set of commercial quality CFD software analysis products, including HELYX®, ELEMENTS and HELYX-OS. The latter is a free-to-download open-source graphical user interface designed to work in lieu with OpenFOAM® v2.4.x.
ENGYS showcased all their open-source based CFD software products during the conference, which had an excellent reception among the attendees. In addition, two papers were presented to introduce the latest technologies being developed by the company in the fields of computational aeroacoustics and immersed boundary methods. The presentation Geometric Immersed Boundaries (GIB): A New Framework for Applying Boundary Conditions in OpenFOAM® delivered by Georgios Karpouzas of ENGYS won the Intel Best Presentation Award for Developing Code for Modern Architectures.
For more information about ENGYS' products, services and future events visit http://engys.com
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