Become a Distributor

ENGYS is continuously seeking new opportunities to bring our open-source CFD software products and services to new markets around the world. We understand and value the advantages of being local, share the culture and speak the same language as our customers to deliver the best possible services. We actively search for the right partners to become our distributors, and follow a strict selection process to ensure that they comply with all our internal procedures regarding quality of service and corporate social responsibility.

What can we offer?

Comprehensive CFD products, capable of tackling the most complex flow problems with our wide range of advanced open-source CFD solvers and utilities.

Cost-effective​, flexible and highly-scalable solutions, thanks to our open-source simulation engine free from HPC license restrictions.

Easy-to-use and learn tools, with our advanced graphical user interfaces.

Windows and Linux ports, including client-server connections across mixed operating systems.

Support and development provided by world experts, working with FOAM / OpenFOAM since 1999.

Modular and extendable architecture, with HELYX ADD-ONS for specialised solver applications and design optimisation.

Excellent commission rates and business opportunities, in accordance with sales levels and ongoing commitment.

What do we seek?

Established local engineering firm or existing CAE distributor with a matured portfolio of clients.

Proven sales and after-sales experience with other CAE software products.

High level of technical expertise in CFD and other CAE tools with capacity to manage and handle first-level support queries and training.

Active in marketing and promotion with dedicated website, social media channels, regular events and conferences, printed materials, etc.

Long-term vision and commitment to develop a long-lasting relationship with ENGYS based around our open-source technologies.



If you are interested in becoming our partner to sell our software products in your country, please contact ENGYS UK to organise a demostration and discuss our reseller opportunities for HELYX and ELEMENTS.

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