Process & Manufacture

Examples and Applications

The range of CFD applications encountered in process manufacturing and engineering varies tremendously depending on the industry. The solutions often involve single- and multi-phase flows, incompressible and compressible flows, and isothermal and non-isothermal problems. Multi-physics are common, involving complex interactions between fluids and moving parts. Chemistry, combustion and MHD can also play an important role depending on the problem.

Some of our customers operating in this sector include large manufacturers of consumer goods, electronics, white goods and medical devices, among other things. Within this ambit, our software HELYX is used together with the add-ons HELYX-Hydro, HELYX-Coupled and HELYX-Adjoint to tackle the mixture of complex physics and applications found across all these industries. Beyond engineering design, CFD is employed within these companies to improve existing manufacturing procesess.

Some of the flow related problems solved with our CFD software in process manufacturing and engineering include:

  • Mixing tanks and separators.
  • Humidifiers and dryers.
  • Closing/opening valves.
  • Bubble columns.
  • Chemical reactors.
  • Spray nozzles.
  • Pulsating laminar flows.
  • Microfluidics.

Below are displayed some relevant examples of simulations performed in the past.

Closing butterfly Valve Simulation with HELYX (courtesy of Dynaflow Research Group).


Biohazard isolation room CFD simulation with HELYX.


Contact your nearest ENGYS office today to discuss your specific applications with one of our engineers and learn more about how we can help you realise your designs using our open-source CFD software products and services.

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