Examples and Applications

ENGYS has had a long association with several key players in the aerospace industry, providing CFD software solution and services to aid with the design of different aircraft components and critical flow systems. Our CFD software tool HELYX has been succesfully applied to solve a wide range of applications, including:

  • HVAC and in-cabin flows.
  • Cockpit ventilation.
  • Smoke propagation, detection and evacuation.
  • Air mixing devices.
  • Ram air intakes.
  • Tank sloshing.
  • Ice accretion.

Our customers in the aerospace sector benefit from the automatic meshing tool delivered with HELYX to create high-quality, high-fidelity grids of complex geometries with minimum CAD preparation and cleaning. The comprehensive set of physical models and numerical methods provided with our software help to tackle the multi-physics nature of the problems usually encountered in this field. The CFD solvers at hand cover the full regime of Mach numbers, from incompressible to transonic-supersonic where required.

DES simulation of the A320 cabin ventilation (air velocities).


CFD simulation of smoke evacuation in aircraft cockpit.


CFD Simulation of cockpit windshield defogging (Pilot's View). Water condensate evaporated by impinging airflow.


Contact your nearest ENGYS office today to discuss your specific applications with one of our engineers and learn more about how we can help you realise your designs using our open-source CFD software products and services.

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