Examples and Applications

​Since its inception, OpenFOAM has become one of the main tools for academic CFD research and learning around the world. ENGYS has followed on this trend to offer the HELYX-OS GUI as a way to reduce the learning curve for OpenFOAM and simplify its usage.

HELYX-OS is intended for solving simple CFD applications, suitable within the ambit of academia. ENGYS offers in parallel a more comprehensive, off-the-shelf CFD solution for enterprise applications called HELYX, which is intended for professional use. HELYX is shipped with an advanced open-source CFD simulation engine developed by ENGYS, and it is not compatible with standard OpenFOAM.

The HELYX-OS GUI is open-source and provided free of charge for Linux platforms. This tool is proving to be very popular with many academic institutions, which are using the GUI as teaching aid or as part of CFD academic projects. ENGYS has also delivered several training courses and lectures to students in various universities highlighting the many benefits of using HELYX-OS.

Download HELYX-OS

The source code, binaries and installation instructions for HELYX-OS in Linux platforms are all available free of charge from our project page in GitHub, without formal user support or documentation.

Need Support?

If you are looking for HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM for Windows platforms, or if require technical support and/or training for HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM, please contact us for availability and prices. You can also check out our Support and Training pages for further details.

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