ENGYS appoints Angus Lock as new General Manager of ENGYS North America

ENGYS achieved an impressive 22% increase in yearly revenue from the automotive and motorsport CFD markets in 2021, and this growth is set to continue in 2022 and beyond. A key to this success has been the combined accuracy, reliability and usability of ELEMENTS, which has encouraged many automotive OEMs and F1 teams to adopt this software as their primary CFD solution.

To further strengthen ENGYS’s automotive expertise, the company has appointed Angus Lock as new General Manager of ENGYS LLC in the United States. Lock will oversee the company’s CFD business and operations in North America and his ongoing projects from his previous consulting business, LDC-Aero, will be transferred to ENGYS.

Lock is a renowned aerodynamicist throughout the automotive and motorsport industries. His career spans 27 years, during which he has worked for the likes of TWR, MIRA, ARC, Faraday Future, Mahindra Automotive and his own aerodynamic consultancy, LDC-Aero. He has been involved in the development of an impressive portfolio of vehicles including the Tesla Roadster, Aston Martin DB7, Mahindra Scorpio, FF 91, as well as racecars such as the Le Mans winning Ford GT, 2019 Mazda 3 WTCR and even the JCB Dieselmax land speed car.

Alongside scale and full-size wind tunnel testing, Lock has also worked with the majority of commercially available CFD codes. In fact, he was part of the ENGYS team that pioneered the development of ELEMENTS in 2012 while working at ARC.

"The aim with ELEMENTS was to create a robust tool that delivered accurate results quickly and reliably every time," explains Angus Lock. "We also wanted to incorporate best practices into the code to give users a starting point when setting up a simulation. When aerodynamicists go to a wind tunnel, they don’t have to figure out the best settings to achieve the desired wind speed. It is simply a tool that they use to get accurate results, and that’s what we wanted to achieve with ELEMENTS. You don’t have to be a CFD expert to run simulations effectively, you can be an aerodynamicist that uses CFD as one of your tools to get reliable results quickly and easily."

The decades of automotive experience Lock brings with him will help ENGYS integrate new features that are specifically tailored to improve the usability of ELEMENTS for aerodynamicists. This, together with the additional consulting support he can provide, will bring significant benefits to both ENGYS and its automotive customers.

"Angus knows how we can improve our CFD software for the user and I think this is perhaps the main value his new appointment at ENGYS will bring to our customers," concludes Eugene De Villiers, Managing Director at ENGYS. "Not only will his extensive expertise be incorporated into the software itself, but his automotive knowledge will allow him to support customers with aerodynamic queries as well. I’m excited about the future of ELEMENTS because in my mind Angus is the perfect fit for our team as we continue to drive the capabilities of our software."


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