HELYX-PEM is a specialised add-on solver for HELYX developed by ENGYS to simulate large numbers of solid objects in motion. The solver is based on the Polyhedral Element Method (PEM) to provide a highly accurate and robust numerical framework to approximate the dynamic behaviour of complex shaped solids using a highly efficient face-based geometric approach.

The Polyhedral Elements Method is a reliable and efficient alternative to the Discrete Elements Method (DEM).


Unlike point-based methods such as the Discrete Element Method (DEM), also employed to solve this type of problems, the PEM face-based approach removes most of the limitations encountered with the DEM in terms of lack of geometric resolution, poor dynamic behavior and slow convergence speeds. The PEM has been optimised to run in CUDA enabled GPUs to provide near real-time solutions.

The final packed geometry with all solids can be exported as faceted data to be meshed in HELYX. This largely simplifies case preparation for solving complex flows in the free volume space available between the solids, for instance when modelling the flow between solid catalyst particles in packed-bed reactors.

Packing complex shaped particles using the Polyhedral Elements Method.

The HELYX-PEM add-on is a versatile product with a wide range of applications in several industrial sectors, for example:

Chemical: catalyst/particle packing problems.
Energy: loading of coal hopper prior to crushing.
Mining: predicting hydraulic shovel wear from rock impacts.
Marine: simulate shipping container movement during pitch, yaw and roll motion of cargo ships.


For further information about HELYX-PEM features, availability and prices, please contact us today or speak to one of our local sales representatives.

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