ENGYS participates in the discussion of Wind Energy Simulation in Industry and Academia at SOWE


ENGYS attended the 2nd Symposium on OpenFOAM® in Wind Energy (http://wind.nrel.gov/2ndSOWE/), participating in three days of academic discussion over topics related to wind energy and the OpenFOAM® library.  Presentations by academia, industry, and national labs over atmospheric modeling methods; algorithm development needs; high performance computing needs; advanced usage of OpenFOAM® and SOWFA (http://wind.nrel.gov/designcodes/simulators/sowfa/); and more were given and discussed between industry and academic leaders in CFD and wind energy.  


The workshop ended with a guided tour of the National Wind Technology Center (http://www.nrel.gov/wind/) where simulation was brought to reality for the participants. Attendees were able to view the array of test windmills and also get close up to the Dynamometer Testing Facility (http://www.nrel.gov/wind/facilities_dynamometer.html). 


Daniel Combest, General Manager of ENGYS LLC in the USA, said the following after attending the symposium: "ENGYS is dedicated to continually expanding our expertise to bring our fundamental knowledge and industry leading experience to provide world class CFD software support; research & development acumen; and cutting-edge simulation solutions to our customers in the Wind Energy industry and other sectors alike."  


Contact ENGYS directly to inquire about how HELYX® can be leveraged for wind energy applications; develop and implement models related to atmospheric boundary layer and wind turbine modeling; and create modeling/simulation best practices to expand existing capabilities.