At ENGYS we understand the challenges posed by deploying and integrating new tools and methods into existing PLM environments. For this reason we deliver outstanding quality support as standard with our software products HELYX, ELEMENTS and HELYX ADD-ONS to make this process as simple and trouble-free as possible for your organisation. We also offer custom-made support packages for the following open-source software tools:

HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM for basic CFD applications.
DAKOTA for applied multi-disciplinary design optimisation.


The support package for HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM is delivered as a pre-paid service and includes the following components as standard:

  • 25-hours of technical support delivered via email, telephone, web meetings or on-site visits (where possible).
  • Windows installation file for HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM.
  • Help with deployment, integration and code maintenance for HELYX-OS, OpenFOAM and ParaView.
  • Help with general questions and basic development tasks related to HELYX-OS and OpenFOAM.
  • Basic user documentation and tutorials for HELYX-OS.

Our support service is backed by years of experience attained from developing and working with FOAM and OpenFOAM since 1999.

DAKOTA Support

ENGYS relies on the extensive experience of its personnel using open-source CAE tools and delivering MDO solutions to industry to offer a comprehensive user support service for DAKOTA. The support package is delivered per-user on an annual basis and includes the following components:

  • Provisioning of a precompiled ready-to-use version of DAKOTA for your system platform.
  • General trouble-shooting and user help with DAKOTA and related tools.
  • General assistance with optimisation problem setup, running MDO studies and post-processing.
  • First-class user support, telephone/email help line.
  • Installation support to integrate the code into the client’s computer platform.



Please contact us today to discuss your support requirements for DAKOTA and MDO, or for HELYX-OS/OpenFOAM. Alternatively, if you are looking for a fully-supported CFD solution for enterprise applications, check out our software products HELYX and ELEMENTS.

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