CFD Technology

Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Technology.

ENGYS’ preferred CFD development platform is OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation And Manipulation). OpenFOAM is an open-source CFD library featuring a large number of individual solvers and utilities to tackle a wide range of fluid flow and heat transfer problems.


OpenFOAM is released by the OpenFOAM Foundation under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). This means that users have complete free access to the source code, allowing unlimited customisation and implementation of new functionality. OpenFOAM is the most accessed open-source CFD project in the world, with wide adoption in both industry and academia.


ENGYS' personnel have been involved with FOAM and OpenFOAM in numerous consultancy and software development projects since 1999. We have taken full advantage of this position in the market place to implement new CFD methods and improve existing capabilities in OpenFOAM over the years in order to produce HELYX-Core, our own enterprise-class open-source simulation engine.


We continuously test, validate and utilise HELYX-Core to solve a wide variety of engineering problems. We release HELYX-Core under the GNU GPL, with all our code enhancements and modifications, as an integral part of our CFD products HELYX and ELEMENTS.


We also offer HELYX-OS, an open-source Graphical User Interface for standard OpenFOAM which can be downloaded free of charge for use in Linux platforms. The main objective of this tool is to reduce the learning curve for OpenFOAM by reducing manual intervention from the user and simplifying all meshing, case setup and solver execution tasks.


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