MDO Analysis & Design

Multi-disciplinary Optimisation engineering design services

Engys’ personnel have successfully helped numerous companies from various industrial backgrounds to optimise their engineering designs using state-of-the-art MDO technologies. Our consultancy service covers all project stages, from planning to final delivery of the optimisation process and improved design. We focus on two main areas of expertise:


Multi-objective Design Optimisation

Our engineering optimisation service focuses around both the application of the Open Source tool DAKOTA and our extensive experience in the use of commercial optimisation tools. Typical application areas include: 


  • Process integration
  • Design optimisation
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Model calibration
  • Response Surface Methods
  • Combined methods
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Multivariate Analysis

We have successfully applied these methods to analyse and optimise engineering designs based on a wide range of data inputs, from experiments to FEM and CFD results.


Advanced Regression Analysis

The advanced regression analysis technique employed by Engys is the result of a three years European Research Project aiming at investigating and promoting the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques for industrial applications. Unlike traditional regression methods where a pre-defined formula is required, our solution automatically finds the best equation and coefficients with a physical meaning compliant with the given dimensional set. This makes it ideal for fitting continuous or discrete data, modelling physical phenomena by means of a mathematical formula or forecasting scenarios.

If you provide us with your dataset, Engys will return a comprehensive report with the best equation fit in addition to other useful information and metrics.


Visit our MDO Applications section for some examples of our MDO work, or contact us for a free no obligation quote from one of our optimisation experts.

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