CFD Development

Custom CFD software and methods development

Engys developers have employed OPENFOAM® technology to implement a wide range of CFD methods for industrial clients since 1999. We have extensive development experience in the following fields:


  • Automatic volume meshing
  • Customised solvers
  • Adjoint method for optimisation
  • Coupling to third-party tools
  • Setup and initialisation tools
  • Physical modelling
  • Specialised post-processing
  • Graphical user interfaces

Engys also recognises the importance of quality assurance and workflow integration; for this reason we provide bug tracking and support channels for all our clients, and perform extensive testing and validation of our methods both off-site (before delivery) and on-site (after final delivery) to ensure the continuous improvement of our software solutions.

If you require help developing and implementing your own CFD models or simulation process to solve a specific flow problem then contact us for an evaluation and quote.

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