Engys’ free-to-download Open Source native GUI for OPENFOAM®

HELYXOS is an Open Source Graphical User Interface designed to work with the latest version of OPENFOAM®. The GUI is developed by Engys using Java+VTK and delivered to the public under the GNU General Public License.


HELYXOS has been created to facilitate the usage of the standard OPENFOAM® libraries, by removing the complexity of text based case definition in favour of an intuitive easy-to-use graphical user interface. The GUI is focused on pre-processing tasks, including meshing, case definition and solver execution.  


The main features of HELYXOS are:

  • Easy installation via dedicated script.
  • Create and run new CFD cases from scratch in serial or parallel.
  • Native support for OPENFOAM® dictionary files (load existing cases by reading settings directly from the available project text files).
  • Control snappyHexMesh, including geometry display and execution within the GUI.
  • Comprehensive case definition module, including controls for physical models, turbulence, boundary conditions, field initialisation and solver execution within the GUI.
  • Solver execution tab with solution residuals monitoring. 

The following solvers are supported at present:

  • Incompressible flows: simpleFoam and pimpleFoam with fvOptions for MRF and porous media modelling; pisoFoam without fvOptions
  • Compressible flows: rhoSimpleFoam, rhoPimpleFoam and sonicFoam with fvOptions for MRF and porous media modelling
  • Heat transfer and buoyancy-driven flows: buoyantSimpleFoam and buoyantPimpleFoam with fvOptions for MRF and porous media modelling; buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam and buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam without fvOptions
  • VOF free-surface multi-phase flows: interFoam

The source code, Linux binaries and installation instructions for HELYXOS are all available from our project page in sourceforge.net.


The code is offered for free without formal user support or documentation. If you require technical support and/or training for OPENFOAM® and HELYXOS please contact us or visit our CFD Support and CFD Training pages for more information. Alternatively we recommend you consider our more advanced CFD product HELYX®.

HelyxOS Opensource Native GUI



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