Enterprise class open-source based CFD simulation software for solving complex real-life flow applications.

HELYX is a comprehensive general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics software solution for engineering analysis and optimisation based around ENGYS' own enhanced version of the OpenFOAM library.


ENGYS’ personnel involvement with FOAM and OpenFOAM dates back to 1999, providing unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the development, integration and application of this tool for industry. We take advantage of this experience to offer a unique product that combines the best of both worlds: the proven capabilities, support and reliability of commercial tools with the inherent advantages of cost-effective, scalable open-source solutions.


The HELYX suite incorporates as standard the following software components for Linux and Windows platforms:


  • HELYX-GUI: our easy-to-use Graphical User Interface.
  • HELYX-Core: our enhanced version of the open-source CFD library OpenFOAM®. All our modifications and additions to the code are released under the GPL and remain open-source for the benefit of the end-user.

HELYX also incorporates an extensive set of ancillary services to facilitate the deployment and usage of the product in the working environment, including:

  • First-class Support: help line for technical questions and installation queries
  • Code Maintenance: dealing with all bugs and regular software updates in both HELYX-GUI and HELYX-Core
  • HELYX-Documentation: comprehensive written user manual and tutorial guide

The main current capabilities in HELYX-GUI include:

  • Create new cases or load existing cases directly from available project files (manual changes to dictionary files are loaded back into the GUI).
  • Mesh module ► control the HELYX-Mesh utility for mesh definition and execution, import and export grids from/to third-party software.
  • Case setup module ► define physical models, material properties, boundary conditions, solver settings, rotating regions, porous regions, thermal regions, etc.
  • Solver module ► control solver execution within the GUI, monitor residuals and other quantities.

ENGYS enhancements to the OPENFOAM library available as part of HELYX-Core comprise, but are not limited to:

Multi-platform ►

Linux and Windows binaries for simple out-of-the-box installation

Meshing ►

Enhanced helyxHexMesh utility:

  • Improved parallel efficiency
  • Automatic feature edges capturing
  • Improved robustness and element quality
  • Improved near-wall layer addition controls
  • Automatic crack detection and wrapping functionality for CAD healing

Case Setup ►

Custom caseSetup utility:

  • Single dictionary interface for defining solution approach, turbulence, thermophysical properties, flow initialisation, boundary conditions
  • Parallel execution
  • Fully customisable

Solvers ►

  • Validated across multiple application fields (e.g. aerodynamics, HVAC, turbomachinery, multi-phase flows, aeroacoustics, hydrodynamics, etc)
  • Improved solution speed and robustness
  • Infiniband support
  • Extended physical modelling (e.g. thermal radiation, solar radiation, passive scalar transport, etc)
  • New and improved turbulence models and wall functions (e.g. Kader)
  • Over 50 new and improved boundary conditions
  • Parallel mapping of solution fields between different meshes
Function Objects ►

Over 20 new and improved function objects for execution at run-time

Post-processing ►

  • Improved solution monitoring and post-processing, e.g. extended function object for analysing aerodynamic forces, human comfort assessment, etc
  • Precompiled ParaView with native case reader

The open nature of HELYX also enables the collaboration with other experts around the world to bring additional capabilities in our product through the addition of add-on extension modules. Some examples of specialised solvers available in HELYX as add-on modules include: fully coupled solvers, adjoint CFD optimisation, ship-hull hydrodynamic analysis and sea keeping, advanced VOF multi-phase flow methods, etc.


Please contact us today for additional information on HELYX's current capabilities, availability and costs. Our local sales representatives are available to demonstrate how HELYX can fulfil your CFD needs in the most cost-effective way. We also invite you to watch our demo video of HELYX in action.

HELYX Open-Source CFD Suite



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