A comprehensive CFD and optimisation toolbox for vehicle design applications, powered by HELYX® and developed jointly with the Auto Research Center.

ELEMENTS is a groundbreaking CFD and optimisation software solution for vehicle design applications developed by Streamline Solutions LLC, a joint venture formed between ENGYS and the Auto Research Center (ARC). The product is aimed at bridging the gap between stylists, engineers and management, offering a more complete design integration to force shorter product to market cycles, improved vehicle efficiency and lower product cost.

The collaboration between ENGYS and ARC presents a unique opportunity to combine ENGYS’ leading-edge software developments, the momentum of the open-source software community and ARC’s vehicle design and wind tunnel validation experience to positively impact the vehicle design world.

ELEMENTS is powered by HELYX to offer a cost-effective product that combines the best of automotive engineering design practices with the latest and most advanced open-source CAE software, all within a common easy-to-use platform.


Currently, the main features of ELEMENTS include:


  • Automatic hex-dominant parallel meshing with geometry healing and wrapping.
  • Aero wizard interface with embedded best practices for fully automatic vehicle external aerodynamics simulations, including predefined templates for a wide range of vehicle shapes.
  • Fully-validated solvers and methods based on extensive wind tunnel testing.
  • General purpose CFD interface for other vehicle design applications such as under-hood thermal management, in-cabin HVAC flows, aeroacoustics, water management, soiling, etc.
  • Specialised post-processing routines for advanced visualisation and automatic report generation.

Please contact us for further information on current availability and costs, or visit our dedicated ELEMENTS microsite at elements.streamline-cae.com




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