MDO Technology

Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation Software Technology.

ENGYS relies on the leading edge open-source code DAKOTA to offer a comprehensive set of engineering services involving Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation.


DAKOTA (Design Analysis Kit for Optimization and Terascale Applications) is a comprehensive open-source MDO library developed and maintained by Sandia National Laboratories since 2006.


Our engineers have employed DAKOTA and other commercial optimisation tools to deliver a wide range of MDO methods and solutions for industrial clients since 2002, offering services that cover the following areas of knowledge:


  • Process integration: coupling with most CAE tools, open-source, licensed software and in-house codes, CFD, FEM, 1D, multi-physics, multi-body, etc.
  • Design of Experiments: statistical/sensitivity analysis, experiments planning.
  • Multi-objective constrained optimisation: gradient-based algorithms, derivative-free techniques, advanced strategies.
  • Parametric shape optimisation: CAD driven, mesh morphing.
  • Multivariate Analysis (MVA)
  • Model calibration: curve fitting, simulation model tuning to match experimental data, parameters estimation.
  • Robust design optimisation: uncertainty quantification, Design for Six Sigma, tolerance design.
  • Data mining: model creation for data analysis, prediction, regression and correlation.

Please visit our MDO Services section for further information on our related offerings.

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