FEM Technology

Finite Element Modelling Software Technology for Structural Mechanics Analysis.

ENGYS relies on expert in-house engineers and external commercial partners to manage all Finite Element Modelling work for industrial clients. We exploit our knowledge of licensed tools such as ANSYS, ABAQUS and Nastran to provide consultancy services based around EDF’s open-source tool Code_Aster, in particular for solving design optimisation problems using our preferred MDO methods.

Code_Aster offers a comprehensive set of analysis methods and multi-physics models well beyond other computational thermo-mechanics codes. All methods have been tested and validated following the quality assurance and accountability standards imposed by the high-end requirements of the nuclear industry. The main features of Code_Aster include:


  • Static and dynamic mechanics, linear or non-linear
  • Thermal analysis, linear or non-linear
  • Modal analysis, harmonic and random response, seismic analysis
  • Vibro-acoustics
  • Fracture, damage and fatigue
  • Multiphysics, drying and hydration, metallurgy analysis, ground-structure and fluid-structure interactions, coupling with third-party codes
  • Geometric and material non-linearity, contact and friction
  • Wide range of material properties (95 constitutive laws): porous media, geo-materials, damage, elastoplasticity, elastoviscoplasticity, etc
  • Wide range of finite elements (395)
  • Wide range of loading conditions

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