HELYX® EcoMarine

Dedicated CFD solver extension module for hydrodynamic analysis and design optimisation of naval and maritime applications.

HELYX-EcoMarine is an extension module for HELYX developed by ENGYS in conjunction with Prof. Kevin Maki of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the University of Michigan. The module incorporates a comprehensive set of CFD solvers and simulation tools to cover the main aspects of hydrodynamic analysis and design optimisation of naval and maritime applications, including the following features as standard:


  • Steady-state fast solver for calm-water ship hull resistance prediction with support for sinkage and trim calculations.
  • Transient 6DoF rigid-body motion solver for sea-keeping analysis and dynamic sinkage and trim.
  • MRF and body-force models for simulating propeller effects.
  • Regular and irregular waves model.

The fast solver for calm-water ship hull resistance calculations features a unique method that combines a steady-state RANS viscous flow solution in the vicinity of the hull with a specialised boundary condition to model the free-surface effects. This method has proven to deliver highly accurate results for both pressure and viscous resistance up to 100 times faster than the more traditional VOF multiphase solver approach. The fast solver has been extensively validated using a good number of benchmark and real life cases, including the KCS, DTMB 5415 and Wigley hulls. The improved convergence speeds reported with this solver makes it ideal to perform automatic hull form optimisation using parametric surface morphing.


The transient 6DoF solver has been specially designed to predict the motion of floating bodies on or near the air-water interface. The method is particularly suited for simulating sea-keeping conditions with waves and propulsion, planar motion mechanism (PMM) and dynamic sinkage and trim. The validations performed to date with this solver include the box barge in oblique seas, the US Navy JHSS model, the Wigley hull in regular waves, the KCS Moeri model and the US Navy CG-47 cruiser, among others.


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Geremia P., Maki K. et.al. "Hull Design Method Combining an Innovative Flow Solver Coupled with Efficient Multivariate Analysis and Optimization Strategies". COMPIT 2012.




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