HELYX® Coupled

Advanced pressure-based block coupled CFD solver for incompressible flow applications.

HELYX-Coupled is a fully implicit pressure-based block coupled solver originally developed by Prof. L. Mangani (Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts) and Prof. M. Darwish (American University of Beirut). The solver is released by ENGYS under the GNU General Public License for complete flexibility and maximum scalability, as an add-on extension module for both HELYX and ELEMENTS.


The coupled solver technology has been extensively tested and validated to model turbomachinery and other rotating components operating at low Mach numbers, such as: pumps, fans, blowers, wind and water turbines, torque converters, etc. The same methods can also be applied to a wider range of single-phase incompressible-isothermal flow applications to take full advantage of the improved speed, accuracy and robustness of the solver, in particular for external aerodynamics of racing vehicles and internal turbulent flows.


While standard segregated type solvers make use of pressure correction algorithms to achieve a converged solution, HELYX-Coupled solves the continuity and momentum equations simultaneously to deliver convergence rates up to 10 times faster. HELYX-Coupled also shows linear scaling with number of cells and excellent parallel efficiency, making it comparable in terms of performance to similar best-in-class commercial CFD solvers in the market.


The coupled solver add-on is fully supported in our graphical user interface and incorporates the following features as standard:


  • Steady-state and transient flow
  • MRF and mesh motion with arbitrary mesh interfaces
  • Porous media
  • Block GAMG
  • Block pre-conditioning
  • Block turbulence

For further information about this extension module please contact us today or speak to one of our local sales representatives.

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