CFD Support

User support for OPENFOAM® and related Open Source CFD tools

At Engys we understand the challenges posed by deploying and integrating new tools and methods into existing product lifecycle management (PLM) environments. For this reason we deliver outstanding quality support to make this process as simple and trouble-free as possible for your organisation. We offer custom-made support packages that take into account the size and nature of your business, including:


  • Deployment, integration and code maintenance for HELYX-OS, OPENFOAM® and ParaView.
  • Extensive user documentation for HELYX-OS, OPENFOAM® and other selected tools and applications.
  • Off-site user technical support via email and telephone.
  • On-site technical support for any given period of time, whether one day or one year.

Engys' CFD support service is backed up by our extensive experience developing and supporting first FOAM and later OPENFOAM® since 1999. We also take pride in our after-sales service, with a dedicated customer login site that includes secure file transfer, bug tracking and a knowledge database.

If you are looking for a fully-supported CFD solution based around OPENFOAM® please consider HELYX, our most advanced CFD software product suite. Alternatively contact us to discuss your specific requirements for OPENFOAM® or CFD support.

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