MDO Training

User training for DAKOTA and related Open Source CAE tools

Engys customised training course in MDO technologies is intended for all users seeking a basic understanding of the functionalities and capabilities of our Open Source MDO solutions, including DAKOTA components and their interaction with other CAE tools such as Blender and OPENFOAM®. The aim is to enable the user to prepare and run optimisation cases based on general or industry-specific examples and tutorials.

The course is delivered on-request over two days, either at the client’s premises or at any of our locations in Europe, USA or Australia (subject to a minimum amount of trainees). The following topics are covered:


  • Introduction to DAKOTA
  • DAKOTA Basics and Third Party Tools to Setup, Monitor and Post-process the
  • Optimisation Run
  • Introduction to Blender and parameter variation
  • Coupling DAKOTA to Blender
  • Coupling Blender to OPENFOAM®
  • Coupling results to DAKOTA
  • Deployment of a complete workflow coupling DAKOTA to Blender and OPENFOAM®

Please contact us for further information on current availability and costs.

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