MDO Applications

The confidential nature of our work restricts us from showing pictures or animations of most of our results. We share however a summary of the main MDO projects our personnel have been involved with since 2002, including a few open pictures and videos.


Multi-objective design optimisation


  • Automotive: improved duct performance (pressure loss, flow uniformity, etc.), engine intake port, engine calibration, fuel injection system optimisation, crankshaft dynamics and FEM, catalyst performance, external aerodynamics (drag and lift optimisation, noise reduction, wing mirror design, etc.)
  • Aerospace: fuselage optimisation, HVAC optimisation of cabin interiors, smoke dispersal and fire detection sensors position, optimisation and calibration of control systems
  • Buildings: optimisation of building ventilation and thermal comfort, smoke dispersal and fire detection sensors position
  • Heat exchangers: optimisation of heatsink pins, geometrical shape of finned condenser/evaporator, air charge cooler design, etc.
  • Marine and Naval: ship hull hydrodynamics, robust design of rudder, propeller design, HVAC of cabin interiors
  • Turbomachinery: improved pump efficiency, propeller performance, etc.

Advanced regression analysis


  • Automotive: external aerodynamics data modelling, engine calibration, bearings stiffness evaluation, control system design
  • Buldings: pumping systems and valves control for HVAC, prediction of moment of inertia and stiffness for beam elements
  • Appliances: noise prediction of dishwashing machine
  • Turbomachinery: pump diffuser pressure recovery coefficient map
  • Other industries: time-series forecasting (e.g. forecasting of cash withdrawals in ATM machines based on historical data

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