CFD Applications

The confidential nature of our work restricts us from showing pictures or animations of most of our results. We share however a summary of the main CFD projects our personnel have been involved with since 1999, including a few open pictures and videos.


  • External aerodynamics: RANS and DES methods for cars (with or without underhood), trains, helicopters, low speed aircraft, building structures.
  • HVAC: human comfort, car/train/airplane cabins, ship/yacht compartments, cockpits, building interiors, city scale urban environments.
  • Safety: fire and smoke propagation, CO2 and gas concentration, condensation/evaporation, ice accretion control, defrosting and defogging.
  • Internal flows: pipe/duct flows, valves and fittings, pipe erosion, heat exchangers, conjugate heat transfer.
  • Aero-acoustics: DES/LES noise source prediction, noise propagation methods, source-propagation coupling techniques.
  • Multi-phase flows: hydrodynamics, bubbly flows, mixing flows, channel flows, non-Newtonian fluids, sprays, liquid film dynamics, cavitation, fluid-structure interaction and loading, waves, off-shore applications.
  • Rotating machinery: fans, blowers, pumps, turbines, compressors, power generators, electrical motors, wind farms, power and windage losses.

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